Somatic Movement with Steven

for greater movement & less pain

Everybody & all ages welcome

Do you want to move with more ease?

Would you like to feel less pain?

Do you want to have better posture?

Would you like to reduce your stress?

Somatic Movements are very gentle and can have profound results.

Why should I do Somatic Movement?

The aim is to regain conscious control of our muscles, which leads to living with greater ranges movement and with less pain. Somatic Movement will compliment and improve any sports or exercise, as well as improve your life.

Sensory Motor Amnesia is the condition of chronically tight muscles that have learned to stay contracted through repetition, which becomes habitual and unconscious. Left unchecked this can lead to chronic pain, limited mobility, poor posture, shallow breathing and uneven leg length.

Sensory Motor Amnesia cannot be cured by treatment, medicine or surgery but can be controlled consciously through a relearning process.

Do I need experience?

No experience is needed but you need to be able to lie down on your back, sides and front in a general class.

What should I expect in a class?

In a class we move gently, usually lying on a yoga mat, but while we move, we take our awareness internally to our muscles to sense the movements. We try to use less effort and to move lazily. Different movements are explored to focus on different muscles.

How does Somatic Movement work?

We contract a muscle, release it slowly with awareness and relax to allow the brain to take notice. No effort is needed, like cats and dogs do when they wake up.

How is it different to yoga/pilates?

The differences are; - sensing the contraction and release of muscles from within, no position to attain, no stretching, no pain.

Is it like Alexander Technique?

Yes, Thomas Hanna developed Somatics shortly after Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais. The 3 men all knew each other.

Stevem Leather

Steven trained with Tanya Fitzpatrick of Align Somatics in June 2019. Steven is also a Massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and Access Bars practitioner.

Contact Steven for details of classes, workshops and individual sessions in Wellington, Somerset.


Phone/text: 07470 279750